For Realtors

This list of procedures is provided for realtors to ensure that sales of Village on the Green 2 properties go smoothly.

  1. Fill out all appropriate documents located on the Village on the Green Condo 2 website under applications. Please forward $100.00 check to Ameritech along with all other documents signed by prospective Buyers.

  2. Prospective Buyers must meet with Board Members before the closing. There is a document that requires Board Members’ signatures before Buyers go to closing.

  3. Please make sure you have all the keys: condo key, mailbox key, shed door key, recreation key for clubhouse. If not, please have the Sellers obtain new keys/or replace the door lock on the shed. The Seller must also obtain a new key for clubhouse from Recreation Board Manager. In the past this has been unexpected and adds an additional price for Buyers. IT IS THE BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN ALL KEYS FROM SELLER.

  4. Located in each Condo is a white three ring binder with copies of the Village on the Green Condo 2 Rules and Regulations, Bylaws, etc. This binder is the property of VOG2 and should remain with the Condo. Please check with Seller for the location of this binder.

  5. Village On the Green 2 prohibits any type of For Sale signs to be posted in windows and on the property unless the Realtor is holding an Open House. An Open House may be held two consecutive days as long as a Sales Agent or Owner is present. During an Open House a Sign is permitted on the property and at entrance leading into VOG2.

  6. Dogs are permitted only if they are preapproved by the Association as Support, Emotional or Comfort animals with the appropriate documentation that is located on the website. The documents are self-explanatory and must be included with the application and signed by your Doctor and Veterinarian. One cat is permitted if it has been neutered and/or spayed, all health records are up to date and signed by your veterinarian.

  7. Trucks are permitted but must not exceed 9 feet in width, 18 feet in length and 7.5 feet in height. No company trucks, logos, or slogans.